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Coaching Design: Trial Assessment Interview

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Coaching Call with Parent

Trial Interviews are for families to schedule directly AFTER their first session at LeftFoot. We recommend each parent to schedule this Phone Call within 24-48 hours of attending LeftFoot. While it's best to schedule directly with the coach that performed the session, it is not always possible to do so.
  • Only LeftFoot licensed Combination Series Coaches may perform Trial Interviews for Membership.
  • A LeftFoot Coaching Design will be submitted via PDF within 24 hours of participation in this call.

Academy Trial | Trial Coaching Call | 2nd Step in Academy Trial Application |
Scheduled with Coach and Parent

  1. Ensure the phone number on your Pike13 Account is correct and up-to-date
  2. Schedule using the PARENT pass in your Membership Account. (You are attending the Phone Call)
  3. Call the Academy at 612-545-5273 at the time of your scheduled appointment. The Coach will call you back. (sometimes they are off-site)

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LeftFoot Coaching Academy - Minneapolis

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