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LeftFoot Coaching Academy Services and options for clients and parents.

LeftFoot Membership

“All Ways a Leftie" clarifies that membership is inclusive and all encompassing on different levels - we can in "all ways" participate together through the journey of youth soccer for ourselves and others. LeftFoot is an idea that we practice our technical expertise to enable us to play soccer together for a different purpose than a competitive team. LeftFoot gives us the permission to practice, prepare and perform in a whole new way.


<Members Only> FOURZA - House Battles & FOURZA Battles are exclusive to LeftFoot Members to compete in our own version of a "House League". Each LeftFoot Student and Member are part of Four Houses that compete for individual points and a season long competition. House Battles are House vs House. FOURZA Battles are individual sessions that at least two players from each House need to be at the fight to count toward a value.

One on One

One on One Coaching is suggested for players that want to work on specific qualities related to our Great Player Series™. Our Phenomenal FootSkills and Deadly BallStriking progressions are our best pre-defined progressions that allow a maximum flexibility for the parent and student to randomly schedule. We keep everything on “Topic” so that we guarantee that your player is progressing through our skills as fast as possible.


{Saturdays 9am - 1pm} Choose from every topic in the Academy: FootSkills, BallStriking, Aerial Warfare & Spatial Awareness. Weekends at LeftFoot are run through a similar pattern to the LeftFoot Master Coach Model but allow for more flexibility for players to attend more sessions with a broader diversity of options.


Summer at LeftFoot Coaching Academy is always designed from the standpoint of making great players. What can we do to make every player better? Not just playing World Cup or funky socks day. But true development of all of the skills and tools of the best coaching environment within a small group design. It's personal training with a couple of extra players involved.

Coaching Design

The LeftFoot Coach: Organizer, Teacher and Coach. Our program design is somewhat customized to each player based on the skills progressions and age group of the player. If the player is this age, do they have advanced learning of the specific techniques. If not, what and when will they learn what they need to learn? That's where "off the field" coaching comes in. Coaching Design includes: MasterMind, Tryout Prep, Trial Interviews, and NorthStar Alignment for members.

Coaching Education

LeftFoot 2017 opened the doors to a new coach licensing program which allows prospective coaches to begin their journey through open Coaching Education courses. The first level of coaching education is the Senior Academy followed by the Foundation Coach - Educational Course.

Senior Academy

At the end of the journey for youth soccer players aged sixteen to twenty to hone their skills with other friends to begin to give back to the game. Our Creative and Elite Series are designed for players at the Elite Clubs National League and/or playing at a very high level of soccer each summer. Senior Academy students can also be part of our Senior Practicum program working towards obtaining their Coaching Licenses.

Junior Academy

The Junior Academy Series is for players between the ages of thirteen (U13) and sixteen (U16) who want to randomly attend classes through the course of a year. Junior Academy students begin the journey through LeftFoot by learning the Six Essential Skills of Every Great Player™ in the Foundation Series. Junior Academy students have the option to progress through the Combination Series and the Creative Series through either Course options or through our Academy formula.

Youth Academy

Children learn through play and guided discovery - We all know that. Our Youth Academy is an innovative design of "play and instruction" which allows our Academy of Coaches to guide players through three unique progressions of LeftFoot Coaching Academy for soccer players 8-11 years old (U9-U12). For those players that are beginning their journey through youth soccer, our Youth Academy is designed to raise the “cream to the top.”

Soccer Academy

LeftFoot Soccer Academy is the over arching branch of the facility dedicated to enriching the community and providing opportunities for soccer to occur within our Academy walls. While we offer Professional Coaching Services we also

The ECKS House

ECKS: Kaija Eckholm & Billy Pannek

The STUDS House

Studs: Katri Studtman, Kira Johansen & Delaney Goertzen

The Rek House

The Rek House - Sydney Sherek & Dylan Heibel

The BERG House

Berg House - Kyle Bergevin & Courtney Mohs