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The LeftFoot Coach: Organizer, Teacher and Coach. The difference between the three roles is how we grow in our experience as leaders of children. At LeftFoot, these three roles encapsulate our power to influence beyond what most refer to as training. Training is only organized workouts. Coaching is the spiritual guidance of another person to a place in themselves that they didn’t realize was possible.

Coaching is the bridge between mere tasks and the emotional self that believes in making a difference - it’s what truly matters when we make players better, not just through technique, but through guiding families through the journey of youth soccer.

Coaching Calls | Appointments | Course Registration
Scheduled with Master Coach or assistants in random time slots. Please schedule the PARENT into all Client and Tuition Plan Interviews

House Coordinator Free

[Members Only] These call times are for Foundation Coach Licensee and Coaches within the Academy to schedule and coordinate times with clients as part of their FOURZA House Leadership responsibilities. Please limit times to ten minutes as these times are unpaid for coaches. Also, Client Coordinator times are not designed for new inquiries or membership guidance programs.

Coaching Design: Student Guidance $45 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

{Random & Daily} The purpose of the Student Guidance (Interview) is to speak with your Master Coach to receive guidance about areas for development, series promotion feedback, course enrollment recommendations, and most other inquiries regarding your journey through the Academy. We'll answer the questions "Where do we go from here?" and "How do we get to the next level?" (Formerly, Member Guidance Call) For Free, you can work with your House Coordinator to coordinate any questions you may have about the program.

Coaching Design: NorthStar Alignment $75 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

{Onsite & In Person} NorthStar Alignment is a specific LeftFoot 2017 membership benefit to align players, parents and their Master Coach with the "big picture" and the daily steps to get to where they want. Over the years Christian Isquierdo, founder of LeftFoot, has developed a "five goal process" that allows the parent, player and coach to hold each other accountable to the overall goals of the player within a process of private coaching.