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LeftFoot OuterWheel Students

OuterWheel Requirements



Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model

Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model (Daily) - Youth & Junior Academy

Open to all ages between 9 and 16. Players are split into small groups of 3-4 players based on their Academy Series learning progression to study with a Coach that is on the schedule.
Parents, just drop off your player and we'll do the rest to teach them the LeftFoot Way. Schedule for "back to back" attendance.

Academy Coaching: Senior Academy $49 per classPurchase required to enroll

[CR • E] The Senior Academy is designed as a playground for our most advanced students to continue to learn, develop and test each other as they continue to develop advanced progressions in the Academy. This is open to Creative Series students that are not 16 yet, as well.
Age Group as August 1st, 2017 - {'02 - '99}

Senior Practicum : Coaching Academy Purchase required to enroll

Coaching Partner sessions are available to Senior Practicum and Coaching Academy students who have applied for their Senior Practicum and have attended a Senior Practicum Orientation. While completing their hours, students can enroll in the Foundation Coach - Education Course to work towards becoming a One on One Coach.

One on One Coaching: Foundation Series Class Purchase required to enroll

For players 9-14 learning the Foundation Series, let your player attend One on One Coaching sessions with their House Leader and/or any of the coaches on staff that day. These are guaranteed One on One CLASSES meaning your coach is prescheduled to service your Weekend Premium Plan as a LeftFoot Member.

One on One Coaching: Combination Series Class Purchase required to enroll

Players working on the Creative Series BallStriking Test or are looking for BallStriking support with the Low Instep Drive, High Lofted Ball or Wide Angle Driven Ball are encouraged to work with Combination Series Coaches. All Foundation Series One on One players can work with Combination Coaches.

One on One Coaching: Premium Purchase required to enroll

{Random & Daily} This Premium One on One Coaching space with our Master Coach is available for current Students, who are those with a 2017 Annual Membership and Student Tuition Plan. This one off service is often packaged as part of the LeftFoot Privado program.

Coaching Design: Student Guidance $45 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

{Random & Daily} The purpose of the Student Guidance (Interview) is to speak with your Master Coach to receive guidance about areas for development, series promotion feedback, course enrollment recommendations, and most other inquiries regarding your journey through the Academy. We'll answer the questions "Where do we go from here?" and "How do we get to the next level?" (Formerly, Member Guidance Call) For Free, you can work with your House Coordinator to coordinate any questions you may have about the program.