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Summer at LeftFoot Coaching Academy is always designed from the standpoint of making great players. What can we do to make every player better? Not just playing World Cup or funky socks day. True development of all of the skills and tools of the best coaching environment within a small group design is part of our everyday experience. It's personal training with a couple of extra players involved, and a lot of coaches!

Summer Programs :: (June - August) : 1.5 hours or 2 hours | 1 Master Coach | 4 Assistant Coaches | 2 Coaching Partners | 16 -24 players

LeftFoot Students: Please RESERVE to use your Tuition Plan Coupons if you have two players or two programs that you want to reserve with your Tuition Plan Coupon. For one player or one program find your Tuition Plan Coupon in your students' profile, by clicking on their name.

LeftFoot Members: Check for a $50 Coupon in your Student Profile and/or Reserve your program using the Reservation Link below.

LeftFoot Tryout Preparation Accelerator™ $260

LeftFoot began with the concept that tryouts do not have to be stressful, teaching many clients how to make the top team or choose between teams. That's why we built the LeftFoot Tryout Preparation Accelerator™ - to guarantee rapid results for every player.

LeftFoot Accelerator™

Our Accelerators utilize a unique "LeftFoot Privado™" format to offer each player two One-on-One Coaching sessions during the course. Based on our original founding concept, that "you don't get better in a one week camp" this special session is everything we teach in one year to our students.

LeftFoot BootCamp™

The BootCamp at LeftFoot has been a staple of the morning workout for our college and high school players looking to build their skills and teams. State Champions from several high schools have trained at LeftFoot to help build team work, establish daily communications, and lay the foundation of skills needed to manage club and high school schedules.

LeftFoot Dynamic Training™

Every kid wants their "one on one" time with Christian, in their own Privado or weekly event. Designed around three semi-private sessions for a small group of 3-4 players working on what Christian throws at them with the entire Academy shut down to focus on just them.

LeftFoot Intensives™

Each LeftFoot Intensive™ covers everything the Academy offers as it gets shut down for 2 hours to focus on getting our players ready for either Game Performance or Tryouts. We include all of the greatest moments of a players' journey through LeftFoot: Circuit Training, BallStriking, FootSkills, Street Soccer e.t.c