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Coaching Education

A license gives permission to the new coach the opportunity to either pay ahead or be financed through the delivery of the services that are licensed by the practitioner. The LeftFoot Coaching Licensing Model is defined by three core mission principles:

  1. Access to the Technical Progressions of the IX. Coaching - 10. Academy Series Model according to Series progressions.

  2. Opportunity to utilize the scheduling services, products and collection of fees through the Pike13 software as determined by the licensed progression - includes access to clients, classes and additional development based on License.

  3. Flexibility to complete practicums and licenses, schedule facilities, finance fees and upgrade services.

Friends of the Academy

{Exclusive Access} The goal of the Academy is to develop passionate and technically sound players. Some of these players will then be identified by a Master Coach as players that could go on to teach the methodology of LeftFoot and be mentored to be licensed coaches moving forward. Friends of the Academy was developed as a reward for our younger students that aren’t quite at that level but who show interest and commitment to the LeftFoot way. Players that are 14 or 15 can start with the Friends of the Academy program with the payment of their tuition and annual membership fee and identification by the Master Coach.

Foundation Coach - Licensing Course $299Purchase required to enroll

The Foundation Coach - License Course is available for all Senior Academy students who have completed their Senior Practicum. After completing this course, students will become a licensed Foundation Coach and will be able to coach their own One on One Coaching Sessions and assist the Master Coach in Academy sessions.

Senior Practicum: Orientation Free

Two hour orientation for any returning LeftFoot interns and any Leftie in the Senior Academy interested in becoming an Intern.

IX. - 36. Foundation Series Coaching Course

The Foundation Coach Practicum Series is the Foundation Series Coaching Module where each technique is instructed for FootSkills. Foundation Coach Course Participation is held twice a month on the weekends for Coaches to attend and be introduced to the topic.