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{Saturdays 9am - 1pm} Choose from every topic in the Academy: FootSkills, BallStriking, Aerial Warfare or Speed & Awareness.

LeftFoot believes that players should know what they want to work on, when they want to work on it. Weekend Practice at LeftFoot allow players to pick a topic they want and study it for several weeks aligned with our Core Curriculum. The Weekend Practice sessions layout all the topics through the course of the year so that in four weeks you can learn one skill. OR attend all four topics in a row! Book back to back to sessions since Weekend Practice is designed to play, learn, study and practice in a low intensity environment. Who knows, you might have a game right after and we're your warmup!? Each session is one hour.

Best used with a Weekend - Pass. Tuition Plans can be used, but it's cheaper to use a Weekend-Pass or Fast-Pass for LeftFoot Students and Members.

16 players | Master Coach Model | 4 Coaching Assistants | One hour

FootSkills : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

Footskills at LeftFoot Coaching Academy is a series of memory recall formulas put in place to develop “faster feet” and help players transition quickly between each of the “technical” formulas and then “blend” the concepts. The core theory of the LeftFoot Way is to focus the feet toward rapid diversity of quick touches with multiple surfaces of the foot.

BallStriking : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

The Five Strikes. Release Techniques. We study one technique for four weeks, then we move on to applying it game play. Topics rotate through the Low Instep Drive, High Lofted Ball, One Touch Shooting and the LeftFoot Strike. Schedule is online for Members' Only.

Aerial Warfare : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

Dominate and be comfortable with the "Ball in the Air". Practice your finishing, juggling, twelve surfaces and even throw-ins! Topics rotate, but the Academy favorite Flankenspiel game is a mainstay.

Speed & Awareness : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

Great players are fast in body and mind. At LeftFoot we teach the Movement Series progressions within what we refer to as the Triord Offense. A visual based cue and react formula that allows players the ultimate freedom to read the game, act, and anticipate.