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FOURZA battles are designed for Members of any house to compete in the event through competition. Individuals earn points for themselves, and Battle Points for their FOURZA House. There are three types of FOURZA Battles: Street Soccer (4v4), Flankenspiel & One on One. For more details and points summaries, visit www.leftfootcoaching.com/FOURZA

FOURZA HOUSE Battles are House vs House for points, wins and "bragging rights". Players sign up for a minimum of 4 players from each house. House Battles are House vs House with a supervising Wizard. Points are accumulated during each battle and count toward the House Battle Points. Know your House? Click Below...

House Coordinator Free

[Members Only] These call times are for Foundation Coach Licensee and Coaches within the Academy to schedule and coordinate times with clients as part of their FOURZA House Leadership responsibilities. Please limit times to ten minutes as these times are unpaid for coaches. Also, Client Coordinator times are not designed for new inquiries or membership guidance programs.