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FOURZA is a play on the Italian word, “forza,” which translates to “power,” “strength,” or “speed.”

FOURZA is a season-long league between four groups or so-called Houses in the academy wherein they play against each other on a regular basis for individual and House points. These points accumulate in a span of months, giving the House with the highest merits bragging rights within the organization.

FOURZA battles are designed for Members of any house to compete in the event through competition. Individuals earn points for themselves, and Battle Points for their FOURZA House. There are three types of FOURZA Battles: Street Soccer (4v4), Flankenspiel & One on One. For more details and points summaries, visit www.leftfootcoaching.com/FOURZA

FOURZA HOUSE Battles are House vs House for points, wins and "bragging rights". Players sign up for a minimum of 4 players from each house. House Battles are House vs House with a supervising Wizard. Points are accumulated during each battle and count toward the House Battle Points. Know your House? Click Below...

Choose how to Play!

Individual Battles: It's you against the world. Up to 16 players play against others, regardless of house, in the Academy favorite Street Soccer for XP and Individual Battlepoints.
House Battles: Play with your housemates to gain Battlepoints for your house to prove your house is the best. House battles are up to 16 players in either Flankenspiel or Goalie Wars. House Battles will be announced as scheduled.

FOURZA: Individual Battles - Level 1 Purchase required to enroll

[ YA • JA • SA ] The Individual Battle. Bring your best against the FOURZA houses in LeftFoot's own special tournament. Earn your Battle Points in our "street soccer" style games where there are no points for second place. 2XP are awarded for attending. XP of 100 or lower. ('06 - '00) Age Group as of January 1st, 2018 Game Topics are based on the Master Coach Model.