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Academy Coaching: Junior Academy

$57 per classPurchase required to enroll

Age Group as August 1st, 2017 {'05 - '02}

Integrating the skills of the Academy into game play is the primary mission of the LeftFoot Way of Coaching. It's not just whether or not you can do the skill, but also also whether or not you can apply the skill consciously in game play. It's not good enough to just dribble and beat a player to the goal if you can't finish the shot. If you can't receive a ball out of the air and drive the ball to the player on the other end of the field - it's not an applied combination of skills.

Elevate your skills, then show them off on the field.
  • 75 minute sessions
  • New techniques are introduced, and old techniques are refined.
  • All about the details. Become one step quicker.
12 Players | 1 Master Coach | 75 minutes of focused skill development | Monday - Thursday