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Soccer Academy: Field Rental (30min) No purchase required to enroll

Tryout Preparation Webinar Purchase required to enroll

{July 16th} The Tryout Prep Assessment is an opportunity to speak with a coach and tap into their knowledge and expertise regarding which clubs to try out for, which teams would best fit your family's schedule and values, and which path will lead you to personal and/or soccer success. LeftFoot is completely "club neutral" and does not steer any student toward any club, we use a tool that helps players and families select the best course of action based on their values, principles and financial means. Our Tryout Preparation Symposium includes a presentation and questions and answer.

House Coordinator Free

[Members Only] These call times are for Foundation Coach Licensee and Coaches within the Academy to schedule and coordinate times with clients as part of their FOURZA House Leadership responsibilities. Please limit times to ten minutes as these times are unpaid for coaches. Also, Client Coordinator times are not designed for new inquiries or membership guidance programs.

Coaching Design: NorthStar Alignment $75 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

{Onsite & In Person} NorthStar Alignment is a specific LeftFoot 2017 membership benefit to align players, parents and their Master Coach with the "big picture" and the daily steps to get to where they want. Over the years Christian Isquierdo, founder of LeftFoot, has developed a "five goal process" that allows the parent, player and coach to hold each other accountable to the overall goals of the player within a process of private coaching.

LeftFoot Membership

Academy Orientation $47Purchase required to enroll

| All prospective clients begin with an Orientation | You’ve probably heard about us from your teammates, seen our advertisements, or gotten our emails - But what is LeftFoot Coaching Academy really about? Join us for an evening of play, presentation, and inquiries as we guide you and your child through the Academy experience. New Clients are encouraged to sign up for an Academy Orientation to help them navigate the options for client services. [U9-U18]


FOURZA: Individual Battles - Level 1 Purchase required to enroll

[ YA • JA • SA ] The Individual Battle. Bring your best against the FOURZA houses in LeftFoot's own special tournament. Earn your Battle Points in our "street soccer" style games where there are no points for second place. 2XP are awarded for attending. XP of 100 or lower. ('06 - '00) Age Group as of January 1st, 2018 Game Topics are based on the Master Coach Model.

One on One

One on One Coaching: MasterMind Purchase required to enroll

{Exclusive Access} MasterMind Coaching is part of a complete package of coaching, observation, networking and evaluation of the player over the course of the entire summer. This exclusive One on One field time is reserved for MasterMind clients only.


FootSkills : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

Footskills at LeftFoot Coaching Academy is a series of memory recall formulas put in place to develop “faster feet” and help players transition quickly between each of the “technical” formulas and then “blend” the concepts. The core theory of the LeftFoot Way is to focus the feet toward rapid diversity of quick touches with multiple surfaces of the foot.

Speed & Awareness : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

Great players are fast in body and mind. At LeftFoot we teach the Movement Series progressions within what we refer to as the Triord Offense. A visual based cue and react formula that allows players the ultimate freedom to read the game, act, and anticipate.

BallStriking : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

The Five Strikes. Release Techniques. We study one technique for four weeks, then we move on to applying it game play. Topics rotate through the Low Instep Drive, High Lofted Ball, One Touch Shooting and the LeftFoot Strike. Schedule is online for Members' Only.

Aerial Warfare : Weekend Practice Purchase required to enroll

Dominate and be comfortable with the "Ball in the Air". Practice your finishing, juggling, twelve surfaces and even throw-ins! Topics rotate, but the Academy favorite Flankenspiel game is a mainstay.


LeftFoot Tryout Preparation Accelerator™ $260

LeftFoot began with the concept that tryouts do not have to be stressful, teaching many clients how to make the top team or choose between teams. That's why we built the LeftFoot Tryout Preparation Accelerator™ - to guarantee rapid results for every player.

LeftFoot Accelerator™

Our Accelerators utilize a unique "LeftFoot Privado™" format to offer each player two One-on-One Coaching sessions during the course. Based on our original founding concept, that "you don't get better in a one week camp" this special session is everything we teach in one year to our students.

LeftFoot BootCamp™

The BootCamp at LeftFoot has been a staple of the morning workout for our college and high school players looking to build their skills and teams. State Champions from several high schools have trained at LeftFoot to help build team work, establish daily communications, and lay the foundation of skills needed to manage club and high school schedules. To Enroll: https://www.leftfootcoaching.com/product/senior-academy-bootcamp/

LeftFoot Dynamic Training™

Every kid wants their "one on one" time with Christian, in their own Privado or weekly event. Designed around three semi-private sessions for a small group of 3-4 players working on what Christian throws at them with the entire Academy shut down to focus on just them.

LeftFoot Intensives™

Each LeftFoot Intensive™ covers everything the Academy offers as it gets shut down for 2 hours to focus on getting our players ready for either Game Performance or Tryouts. We include all of the greatest moments of a players' journey through LeftFoot: Circuit Training, BallStriking, FootSkills, Street Soccer e.t.c

60. MasterMind Coaching: FOURZA Session Game Play Purchase required to enroll

{Exclusive Access} The MasterMind Coaching session is a two hour event, every other week that allows players in the MasterMind FOURZA Course to focus on what they've been developing as their game goals, tactical challenges and personal development. For the students enrolled in the MasterMind- FOURZA these sessions are part of the overall experience of the MasterMind program to make the Academy skills take shape. [For MasterMind FOURZA Students Only]

Coaching Design

Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model

Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model (Daily) - Youth & Junior Academy

Open to all ages between 9 and 16. Players are split into small groups of 3-4 players based on their Academy Series learning progression to study with a Coach that is on the schedule.
Parents, just drop off your player and we'll do the rest to teach them the LeftFoot Way. Schedule for "back to back" attendance.

Academy Coaching: Senior Academy $49 per classPurchase required to enroll

[CR • E] The Senior Academy is designed as a playground for our most advanced students to continue to learn, develop and test each other as they continue to develop advanced progressions in the Academy. This is open to Creative Series students that are not 16 yet, as well.
Age Group as August 1st, 2017 - {'02 - '99}

Senior Practicum : Coaching Academy Purchase required to enroll

Coaching Partner sessions are available to Senior Practicum and Coaching Academy students who have applied for their Senior Practicum and have attended a Senior Practicum Orientation. While completing their hours, students can enroll in the Foundation Coach - Education Course to work towards becoming a One on One Coach.

One on One Coaching: Foundation Series Class Purchase required to enroll

For players 9-14 learning the Foundation Series, let your player attend One on One Coaching sessions with their House Leader and/or any of the coaches on staff that day. These are guaranteed One on One CLASSES meaning your coach is prescheduled to service your Weekend Premium Plan as a LeftFoot Member.

One on One Coaching: Combination Series Class Purchase required to enroll

Players working on the Creative Series BallStriking Test or are looking for BallStriking support with the Low Instep Drive, High Lofted Ball or Wide Angle Driven Ball are encouraged to work with Combination Series Coaches. All Foundation Series One on One players can work with Combination Coaches.

One on One Coaching: Premium Purchase required to enroll

{Random & Daily} This Premium One on One Coaching space with our Master Coach is available for current Students, who are those with a 2017 Annual Membership and Student Tuition Plan. This one off service is often packaged as part of the LeftFoot Privado program.

Coaching Design: Student Guidance $45 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

{Random & Daily} The purpose of the Student Guidance (Interview) is to speak with your Master Coach to receive guidance about areas for development, series promotion feedback, course enrollment recommendations, and most other inquiries regarding your journey through the Academy. We'll answer the questions "Where do we go from here?" and "How do we get to the next level?" (Formerly, Member Guidance Call) For Free, you can work with your House Coordinator to coordinate any questions you may have about the program.

Coaching Education

Friends of the Academy

{Exclusive Access} The goal of the Academy is to develop passionate and technically sound players. Some of these players will then be identified by a Master Coach as players that could go on to teach the methodology of LeftFoot and be mentored to be licensed coaches moving forward. Friends of the Academy was developed as a reward for our younger students that aren’t quite at that level but who show interest and commitment to the LeftFoot way. Players that are 14 or 15 can start with the Friends of the Academy program with the payment of their tuition and annual membership fee and identification by the Master Coach.

IX. Licensing - 36. Foundation Licensing Course $299Purchase required to enroll

The Foundation Coach - License Course is available for all Senior Academy students who have completed their Senior Practicum. After completing this course, students will become a licensed Foundation Coach and will be able to coach their own One on One Coaching Sessions and assist the Master Coach in Academy sessions.

Senior Practicum: Orientation Free

Two hour orientation for any returning LeftFoot interns and any Leftie in the Senior Academy interested in becoming an Intern.

IX. - 36. Foundation Series Coaching Course

The Foundation Coach Practicum Series is the Foundation Series Coaching Module where each technique is instructed for FootSkills. Foundation Coach Course Participation is held twice a month on the weekends for Coaches to attend and be introduced to the topic.

Junior Academy

Academy Coaching: Junior Academy $57 per classPurchase required to enroll

[FN • CO] The Junior Academy is designed to work with players U13-U16 with several skills progressions designed to make Great Players. Students engage in four topics that span 12 weeks of integrated game skills. Progressions are based on the Great Player Academy Series, where students work with three coaches per session in their respective progressions. Successful students graduate into our Senior Academy.
Age Group as of August 1st, 2017 - {'05 - '02}

Youth Academy

Academy Coaching: Youth Academy Purchase required to enroll

[Y1 • Y2] The Youth Academy is designed to service players ages U9-U12 to receive a faster introduction to a variety of skills spread out over two years. Students engage in two, 24-week progressions of skills that are designed to meet their seasonal needs and expectations. The curriculum is designed for students to emerge at the U13 C1 or highest levels of play. Successful students will graduate into our Junior Academy.
Age Group as of August 1st, 2017 - {'09 - '06}

One on One Coaching: Foundation Series Appointment Purchase required to enroll

This APPOINTMENT is based on OPEN BOOKING directly with a coach IF they have made themselves available to schedule One to One space. Foundation Series Appointments are designed to progress through the Quick-Six Touch method of developing faster feet, quicker touches and better overall understanding of our Foundation Series progressions for Youth Academy and Junior Academy students. [Y1•FN]

Soccer Academy

Soccer Academy: Field License Purchase required to enroll

LeftFoot Coaching Academy offers Licenses to long term users of the Main Field Space. While we do offer blocks of hourly time, we don't offer less than 5 hours in any one transaction. Please visit our main brochure site: www.LeftFootCoaching.com and search for Facility Licensing. Hours available can be seen by clicking here.

The ECKS House

FOURZA House Battle - ECKS House Purchase required to enroll

The STUDS House

FOURZA Battle - STUDS House Purchase required to enroll

{Friday's} [Members Only] FOURZA Battles are designed to be a minimum of 8 players, with two from each House. INDIVIDUAL Players compete in the LeftFoot Street Soccer format to earn Battle Points for themselves and their House. [ Use a Battle Pass or Weekend Pass]

FOURZA House Battle - The STUD House Purchase required to enroll

The Rek House

FOURZA House Battle - The REK House Purchase required to enroll

The BERG House

FOURZA Battle - BERG House Purchase required to enroll

{Friday's} [Members Only] FOURZA Battles are designed to be a minimum of 8 players, with two from each House. INDIVIDUAL Players compete in the LeftFoot Street Soccer format to earn Battle Points for themselves and their House. [ Use a Battle Pass or Weekend Pass]

FOURZA House Battle - The BERG House Purchase required to enroll